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Are you in a position to purchase a home or to refinance your existing mortgage? At State Bank of Speer, we offer competitive home loan rates with a simple, efficient loan process. The loan decision is made by us, and your loan is serviced by us. If you are interested in these advantages, as well as quick turnaround, please contact a State Bank of Speer loan officer for details.

Rates for Thursday, January 19, 2017

COnventional Fixed-Rate Loans ($30,000 - $417,000)


Interest Rate
  As Low As
As Low As
Monthly Payment
       per $1000

30 Year 0.000    4.250%    4.275%           $4.92
20 Year 0.000    4.000%    4.034%           $6.07
15 Year 0.000    3.375%    3.418%           $7.09

*The APR and Monthly Payment per $1,000 calculations are based on a no cash-out refinance loan amount of $150,000 for conventional loans, 75% loan-to-value ratio, and a qualifying FICO credit score of 740 or greater. If the loan-to-value ratio and/or credit score criteria does not apply to your situation, contact us for other available programs and rates. Mortgage rates are subject to change without notice at any time until you have locked a loan rate.

To determine your approximate monthly payment, divide your home loan amount by $1,000.00 and then multiply this by the appropriate dollar amount in the Monthly Payment per $1000 column. (For example, a $100,000.00, 30 year fixed rate, 0 point home loan would be computed as follows: $100,000.00 divided by $1,000 = $100 times $4.92 = $492.00).

Payments per thousand reflects only the principal and interest payment. The actual monthly housing obligation will be greater since amounts for taxes and insurance premiums are not included in the payment per thousand amount.

Above rates apply to 1-4 family owner occupied homes.

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